Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pokemon: All That Pikachu Ani-Manga

Paperback, 104 pages

This is a comic book where Pikachu fights Raichu.  Pikachu goes to a Pokemon camp with no humans allowed.  Pikachu is excited to go there.  Pikachu gets to make new friends, and the new friends take care of Togapi.  Togapi is a spike-ball type of Pokemon that Ash and his friends found in a cave full of Pokemon fossils.  What powers does Togapi possess?  Nobody knows. She's still a baby Pokemon, so Misty (Misty is Togapi's Pokemon owner) hasn't tried her out for a Pokemon battle.

They have fun at the pokemon camp.

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  1. Togapi is one of my favorite Pokemon, because you never know what crazy stuff she could do. Sounds like a neat book!