Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Softcover, 158 pgs.

Dun dun dun . . . .
The adventure begins when Keith and his family move into rooms 215 and 216 at the Mountain View Inn.  Keith's room (room 215) is special because it has a mouse hole where Ralph and his mother and younger brothers and sisters live.  Unfortunately, his father died from eating an aspirin tablet, so he doesn't live there.  Keith is special because he has a toy motorcycle, ambulance, and race car.

When Keith went down for dinner, Ralph (loving speed and adventure) climbed up the telephone cord, jumped on the motorcycle, and tried to ride it.  But he couldn't find the starter for the motorcycle. Ralph had idea of how to ride it.  He could push the motorcycle along and then jump on and grab his tail so it wouldn't get caught in the spokes, and coast around the telephone table.  Unfortunately for Ralph, the telephone rang, startling him, and making it so he didn't watch where he was going, and flew off the telephone table into the metal waste basket like a little tweety bird.  Dun dun dun . . . .

Keith found Ralph when he found his motorcycle in the metal waste basket.

Ralph saves Keith from a really big fever by bringing an aspirin tablet from the 1st floor back up to him in Keith's toy ambulance.  He couldn't use the motorcycle because Ralph had lost it.  Matt, the old bell hop returned the motorcycle to Keith.

Keith offered to Ralph about taking him home so he could ride the motorcycle every day, but Ralph decided he liked the hotel best.  Then Keith let Ralph keep the motorcycle because he was a big, grown-up, responsible mouse.

Dun dun dun . . .      

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  1. I loved reading about this book. It is a book I have never read but thought it would be good. I have read other books by Beverley Cleary and have liked them.

    I am glad to know what it is about.