Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Charlie Bone and the Shadow (The Children of the Red King Series, Book 7)

Hardcover, 464 Pages

Count Harken Badlock is back to take revenge on the Red King's children, starting with Charlie Bone's family.  He takes Billy back to Badlock (which is his home world) because he thought Billy would be useful. 

Billy really liked Matilda (who is a very pretty girl).  She convinced Billy to stay in Badlock.  She's working a little bith with Count Harken, but kind of hates him because he is too evil.

Then Charlie came to rescue Billy from Badlock, but Billy doesn't want to go back because he has his own little forest (which turned out to be just an illusion, but it felt real, smelled real, and looked real). 

So the book ends and he's still in Badlock.  See what happens next . . . IN BOOK 8!

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