Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Earthquake in the Early Morning (The Magic Tree House Series, Book 24)

Paperback, 72 pages

The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to San Francisco just before the famous earthquake.  In the beginning of the book, Jake and Annie witness the earthquake of San Francisco.  It happens Wednesday, April 18th, 1906.  During the earthquake, Annie falls into the road that has a crack in it because of the earthquake.  Jack tries to help Annie get out of the crack in the road by passing fallen bricks down to her.  Annie piles them up in a stack, climbs up onto the stack, and Jack put his arm out to Annie and Annie climbs up on his arm. 

The library keeper was moving all the rare books to the pavillion, and Jack asked if they could help.  The librarian said, "Sure.  There are only a few left by the door.  Grab 'em! Hurry!"  But he made the wrong choice moving books to the pavillion because in Jack & Annie's research book it told them that lots of people tried to save important things but they didn't always succeed.  Their book said that a librarian tried to save all his rare books and move them to the pavillion, but the pavillion caught on fire, which is the opposite of what he thought (his thought was that if he moved the books to the pavillion, they wouldn't catch on fire).

The thing that they learned was "keep having hope".  It was written on a piece of wood in the place where people who had lost their homes were writing poems about hope.  This was what the poem said "There is no water and still less soap.  We have no city, but lots of hope". 

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